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Friday, April 20, 2012

Editing for this Dummy :)

It is a process for all of that.  It too has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  It helps to have a "Plan of attack."  My first salvo, is to reread the first ROUGH draft.  Just read, no writing anything down, or editing yet.  Then a second re-read I do make notes of the obvious flaws (timeline, keeping the characters names straight).
Next I do the actual outline phase.  This way, I know the way I want to make the story look.  This will be the structure.  For my latest editing foray, I have started chapter 1 4 years after the prologue.  So I did some notes of what transpired in those four years.  The outline functions as a timeline as well.
Plan A was to follow the original draft, fixing the errors.  But I had a huge timeline issue, you could drive a military grade Hummer through.  Actually more like a tank!  So I came up with plan B, which was to have Chapter one begin 10 years after, with the 2nd main character Lucy, fighting to keep her mother alive, to keep her on life supporting feeding.  And it would have fixed the novel somewhat, but then the 3rd main characters would have been screwed.
Why three main characters?  Well, Lucy and Janice would have been secondary, until I realized that they were too strong to be anything but main characters in their own rights.  So it is working out well from that standpoint.  But I'm having to make sure the timelines mix well.  Hence, going back, in some aspects, to be more true to the first draft.
Once that is done, then I make sure that the character names and facts are straight throughout.  Or you have no going against what you has come before.
Finally punctuation, grammer, the nit picky little details that we all hate to have to work with, but make all the difference in comprehension.
Now should everyone follow my way...if it works then yes.  If it doesn't, then take what you need, or move it around so it works for you.  It seems more time consuming, and it is...but it is the way I work most of my editing...but ymmv.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Care and Feeding of a Muse, or Ode to that most Beautous Creature

The Care and feeding of your Muse....Or Ode to that most Beautous Creature...The Muse.

"What does a muse eat?"  If I had a dime for every person who asked me that question...oh right, I'd have zip!
Honestly, the question never gave me much thought before.  The next question I asked myself, "If they eat...what do they eat?"  The muses were part of Greek Mythology, so maybe something with Feta in it?  Maybe a big honking Gyro?  (And by the way, that is pronounced Euro...made the mistake of calling it a, heavy emphasis on the G sound hard G to a Greek Gyro shop owner once.  He settled me out on it PDQ).
Or maybe ambrosia.  Hmmm....I wonder if they feed on our creative energy, and recycle it into our wellspring of writing?
I do know they are an invaluable asset in our writing endeavors.  They are our partners, our confessors, our breath of energy when we are at our lowest ebbs.  To quote (and pun) a song...they are the "...wind beneath our wings."
But we should not ignore their needs. If we tend them carefully, cautiously, and with GREAT respect... we should get years of partnership from them.  That and camaraderie.  And a jelly donut.
HEY Stop that!!!!!   That last part was not from me!
"Yes it was...I was just picking up on your stomachs thought!"
Uh, good point.  Can't argue with a good Muse!
"Point of order, yes you can...but I wouldn't advise it."
So, do you like this blog?  Does it meet your high standards?"
Good because I'm finished.  I've had my say!  Oh, forgot, they like music (gee wonder where that word came from?) ;)  And chocolate....and an occasional glass of wine.  And pin wheels, and lollipops.
"Don't forget the bright shiny objects."
No, we musn't forget those!
"And rainbows..."
Are you QUITE through yet muse?
"Yea, I think I got it!"
Okay, so the last word is...drum roll please... isn't for breakfast anymore!