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Monday, May 4, 2015

MARCON 50!!!! IS COMING. MAY 8-10 2015!

For those of you in the know, I will be doing a reading from my novella "Stormraevyn," Friday night at Marcon 50 in Columbus Ohio.   What is Marcon you ask?   Marcon began in March of 1965, have not been able to get that original first date, but it was a luncheon for Sci Fi Writers.   I wish I could find out, because.... I too was born in March of 1965.  So this year, Marcon and I are the same age!  Well, yes, technically we are ALWAYS the same age, but this year is special, as it's Marcon 50!

So I'm going to also be on 3 other panels during the convention.  Marcon has pretty much everything but the kitchen sink (though I'm sure the con suite has one).  They have movies, mayhem, and murder most foul...ahem..whats' that you say?  No murder at Marcon?  Curses foiled again!  At any rate, I've been to quite a few over the years,  I have even worked multiple years, including the year I helped  out with a promotional video.  Got to interview Harry S. Turtledove that year (he who wrote the WWII series and Guns of the South (all alternate history books), though he has also done Fantasy works as well.  

There is a wonderful Masquerade, lots of tracks of programming (for writers as well).  But they have had media guests in past years, but this year they are back to their roots.  Writers and literature are the spotlight.   Gaming is huge at Marcon, computer/tabletop/LARP'ing.  They even have a real science track, and have had NASA folks.  They pretty much have it all.   Oh, they also have a human size chess match in honor of the memory of a friend and mentor of mine, Nicholas Winks.   For those who knew Nick, he inspired a lot of us.  Wonderful story teller, and one of the most fabulous people you ever want to have met.  I miss him a lot, and Marcon will not be the same for me.

Check out their website (, and here is my schedule:

FRI7:00PM - 8:30PMSuite 501ReadingsReading by L. Anne Wooley
FRI8:30PM - 10:00PMUnion CLiterary WritersCare and Feeding of a Writer`s Group
SAT8:30PM - 10:00PMUnion CLiterary WritersWho has time to write?
SUN1:00PM - 2:30PMFranklin DLiterary WritersAll Authors are Sadomasochists