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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stormraevyn Character Interview (and Review of Author Review)

I have finally finished with the last bit of the Character Interview that I did for Kelly Blanchard.  My interview and the Rockland Moore interview will be posted in late August of this year.  The Author interview will also be doing double duty as the cover reveal for Stormraevyn.  So stay tuned for that as well!  

This is the my review of my Author Interview (see:

NOTE:  Sorry, the link didn't work.

When I volunteered to do the author interview, I was expecting the usual, “Question and Answer” kind of format.  Getting a list of questions ahead of time, so I could make the answers worthy <smiles>.  But she told us that she was going to do things a bit…differently.
Instead of the above format, we were going to be interviewed live (through FB chat), and that we got to pick one of her settings.  I chose a waterfall, because Pisces!   She told us that we would be doing the dialogue responses as ourselves, but the actions we had to write in 3rd person.  For instance, “She fidgeted by the water until she got comfortable.”
I won’t lie, I was a bit apprehensive at first, not knowing how it would go.  But now I’m a real fan of this style of interview.  Kelly made it really relaxing and non-threatening.  The questions themselves were really thought provoking and beyond the normal interview sphere.  It was a writer and writer interview, so that is to be expected.
I can hardly wait until the Character interview…when Rockland Moore gets to have his say.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Links to Kelly Blanchard Author Character and Author Interviews. UPDATING THEM NOW

     Just wanted to do a quick touch base with all my followers.  I'm part of a 24 person (48 interviews) that my friend and writer Kelly Blanchard ( has organized and held.   They were all done through Facebook Chat, and we each did an Author Interview, and one from the perspective of a character.   For the Author, we selected the background of the interview, and the Character one, we made the setting on our own.  For mine, I selected the Masters Realm (which is dank, and very very unpleasant).
     So below, you will see the schedule of the interview release dates (some have not been released yet, but stay tuned for further posts re: these really good interviews).

June 17 & 19 — Kristen Moger

Author Interview:

June 24 & 26 -- Virginia Carraway Stark

Author Interview:

Character Interview: Sasha:
July 1 & 3 — Matthew Dale

Author Interview:

Character Interview:

Updated Character Interview:
July 8 & 10 — Nan Sampson Bach

Character: Charlie McCallum

July 15 & 17 — Jacob Settlemyre


Character: :Rhea

July 22 & 24— Lia Rees


Character: Myriam

July 29 & 31 — Lynn-Alexandria McKendric



Aug 5 & 7 — Clint Brill


Character: Janus
Aug 12 & 14 — Sharon Lipman


Character: Lena
Aug 19 & 21 — Autumn Seigel


Aug 26 & 28— Lisa Wooley

Author (and Cover Reveal):

Character: Rockland Moore

Sept 2 & 4— Empressa Komlo Sept 9 & 11— Phil Henderson Sept 16 & 18— Amy Preder Sept 23 & 25— AJ Downey Sept 30 & Oct 2— Orlandrea Jamiel Safer Oct 7 & 9 — Cindy Chen Oct 14 & 16— Roybn Ford Oct 21 & 23— James Struck Oct 28 & 30— Ryan Kells Nov 4 & 6 — Rachel Brune Nov 11 & 13— Rebekkah Hibbert Shaw Nov 18 & 20— Sarah Elisabeth