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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Marcon 50 Wrap up....and Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

Marcon 50 is over!    

I say that with relief, but with a bit of melancholy.   When you are at a convention, it's easy to forget the outside world.   Though the world of other cons/events goes on around us, we are pretty isolated, hidden from the modern world.

I had a great time, reconnecting with old friends, and meeting new folks.  As I mentioned before; I did a reading, and 3 other panels.   The reading I'll go over first.   The reading room was over in the main hotel on the 5th floor in a suite.  This was away from the main part of the convention, so therefore wasn't very well attended.  For the guy before me, the only reason he had anyone, was because they were his friends.  After they cleared out, I had nobody show.  Now I almost went out and accosted people out in the hall!  But I decided not to.  I did do the reading however.  It was good to get the experience of reading aloud, and no pressure.

My first panel was directly after that, it was good that I got to that panel on time, rather a bit early.   The Care and Feeding of a Writers Group, was the name of that.  I loved meeting the two others on the panel, but we only started with one attendee.  He was awesome though, he asked us questions to get us going.  So thank you for that, 

The next panel I participated in, was the "Making Time to Write," Panel.   It was mostly on topic, but we did diverge from it too.  Still talking writing, but more along the lines of books.  We had one audience member help out. There were like 3 people in the audience.  Sundays was my last one, "All Writers are Sadomasochistic."  This one is the one that I moderated.  I had enough questions, should there have been more people in the audience...we had a grand total of 1.  But it was great meeting the other authors, even scored some books.  

I wish I could have gone to more panels than I did (outside of mine), or to the masquerade.  But my friend who had come in town for Marcon, he wanted to meet up with other folks.  We did really get around the con, and city.

Next year is Marcon 51, The them is "Villains."   

The cover reveal will be in September this year.  And stay tuned for the book release party/blog tour to be coming soon!