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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

To Boldly Go... A Tribute To Gene Roddenberry

The time is almost near
To honor the great Bird.
Who taught us to dream beyond the stars,
That we were only a small part of the universe.
That we can overcome our problems
And live as one. 
Thank you Gene Roddenberry,
We miss you so much.

         It was about a month ago, that I was asked to participate in a tribute to a great man.  This man created a series so groundbreaking, and different than anything that had come before.  A show that he touted as a “Wagon Train to the stars.”    
      He not only introduced us to fascinating characters, and alien races; but he showed us our own problems with a futuristic slant.  They were lessons that entertained and inspired.  That is what the show meant to me.
       So every Tuesday in the Month of August 2013 (or beginning Stardate 67059.8 per this link: or August 5, 2013, the following link will be where to find the tribute pieces to Gene Roddenberry, (AKA:  The Great Bird of the Galaxy). 
Here is the Link to the tribute:

Following is a list of those also contributing to the cause:

Valerie Douglas
Jacqueline Driggers
Cody Martin

Dan Peyton
Karen A. Wyle
Cassidy Frazee

Star Trek Authors:                         
David Mack
Dayton Ward