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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NaNoWriMo IS Coming. Will you be ready?

     November 1 through November 30 every year is pretty much my favorite month of the year.  Why you may ask?  Because its National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWriMo.   If you all have been following me for a while now, you know I've done quite a few posts on "How to Nano."  Truth is, I've loved writing those articles, and am gratified that they have helped others in their Nano quests.

    I'm compiling them into a book even, but plan on doing much more than that.  I want to expand into doing Nano webcasts, podcasts whatever you call them... but I haven't done any yet.   (Save one video for a kickoff to Nano party.

     If you have never done Nano, welcome!  You're about to embark on a journey that relatively few experience.  It's a challenge writing a Novel, though you are actually not writing a novel....
     You are writing a first draft of a novel.  Otherwise known as a "rough draft," there is a reason it is called "rough."  There are some who call it the "Shitty first draft," and that's because the first draft is to get the story out of you head.  Sort of like a data dump.  You shouldn't edit in first draft phase (I do make notes for later however, but I do not edit until after the first draft).  If I try to edit as I go, the story goes nowhere, and I lose my creative spark.  It's also the reason I really don't do outlines first.
     The first time I did a beautiful outline, it was perfect, I loved that outline.  Then Nano came, and the story refused to follow it.  Absolutely fought me tooth and nail, until I let it have it's "head," and then it flowed out like a flash flood.  It spilled gloriously all over the place, and it made for a much better story.  

      So feel free to look at my Nano planning/basic articles her in this blog, and see the links for handy reference, and have a glorious NaNo!

NaNoWriMo Basics:

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015



My thanks to the wonderful Kelly Blanchard, for the interview.  And to Ms. Dominique Goodall who created the book cover.  We actually went through many iterations of this cover (based on feedback from many writer friends).   This is the version we love best!  I'm so looking forward to seeing it "In the flesh!"  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


As promised, links to my other blogs on the topic of NaNoWriMo, or 30 day novels:  

NaNoWriMo Basics:

NaNoWriMo 101 Basics Part 2:  The Sprint

NaNoWriMo 101 Basics Part 3:  Writing the Rough Draft.

The NaNoWriMo First Draft Pledge:

NaNoWriMo Sprinting Tools:

NaNoWriMo Prep 2014 at the Karl Road Library Columbus Ohio 101914

How I Got My NaNoWriMo 2014 Idea:

NaNoWriMo Prep:  Setting

That Ole Nano Magic…:

The 40K Word Slump:  Nano

WINNING  August 2012 Camp NaNo:

Character:  Getting to Know You (Creating Memorable Characters)

Camp Nano (and Birthday) post :)

So You Think You Can Write a Novel in a Month!

         There are many articles out there that put down the idea that you can't write a novel in a month.  Those that say my "November obsession,"  NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), is not a "real" novel.  There are others that say it's a waste of time, that nobody would read it if they knew it was written in only 30 days.  For the uninitiated, NaNoWrimo is a month where you write 50 thousand words.  This averages out to 1667 words a day (for a 30 day month).
        Those naysayers are correct, and I'm not going to say different.  But I bet I just threw a loop at you. "Oh come now Lisa, surely you don't believe that!"  While most novels are 80 thousand words and above;  I'm in awe of those like George RR Martin, and Diana Gabaldon,  whom have written epic length novels.  I'm not even sure how long they are, but they are massive!
       Truth is, I do believe you possibly could write a novel in a month.  If you do your first draft in say a week, and then used the rest of the time to revise and edit,,, you could have a ready to send to an editor/beta reader book.  But you'd have to work on that, and pretty much only that.  Those of us who have day jobs (raises hand) can't do so.   However, what you can do is write a FIRST DRAFT in a month.
       I've done it seven times during Nano, and 8 including the Camp Nano I did in August of 2012.  It's a first draft, which is called a "Rough Draft" for a reason.  My first attempt at the 50k was not the year I first "won," My first attempt was in 2005, though I had heard of NaNoWriMo for years from other friends, I just didn't want to do it before then.  Although I didn't make it, 35K, my heart really wasn't in it, I had lost interest early on in the story.  It was the year my father passed away that I dedicated it to him.  I hit the 50k for the first time.

      After that, it was easier to reach, for I showed myself that I could do it.  Sprinting with others (or word wars if you prefer the term), helped rack up those words.  Last year I finished in 16 days.  And there are those who do it in...brace yourselves.  ONE.  Yes, that is right, one day.  I know someone who has done it 2 times so far.  She went on to write like a million words in a month.  Granted that was a lot of typing, but she did so.  I think she should win a World Record, and the Guiness people induct her there.  Hmmm... I wonder what the world record is?  Off  to Google I go...

      Well, that was a complete waste of time...I could not find it.  My Google Fu failed me!  Curses!   That is a lot of words.  But like I said, at the end of the month, you have either a finished first draft, or have most of a first draft done.

        First suggestion is to not stop until you have finished the first draft. "Must not edit during NaNoWriMo," should be your mantra.

       Suggestion # 2:

         If I try to edit as I go along, I won't finish the first draft, or make the 50k.  Rough drafts are supposed to be crappy.  And believe me, you should see some of my first drafts <shudders>, they are frightening things to behold!  I actually have to write out of order, I may redo a scene that is later in the story, or skip to the end then work my way back, but I always put notes in to tell me later why.  If I try to edit as I go, I lose all interest in what I'm writing. get confused, or not know where I was headed.

        Now I may make some minor edits like spelling and grammar errors, cause it will be a less arduous process later on...but, I never do a full revision until after the first draft is done.  It's also first draft time that surprises are revealed.  Things I had not known come out and are a constant revelation.  Stormraevyn, my NaNo 2014 novel, was the same.

        The same goes for outlining before I start a first draft.  I have done that only once before, Nano 2012 had a gorgeous, incredibly good outline, I was so thrilled that I had one, that I had more fleshed out what was-going- to happen.   Yea, that didn't work out so much when it came to writing the draft during Nano.  The story refused to submit to my neat parameters. I meandered my way through it, trying to beat it into submission, but gave up and let it have its way.  What I found was a better structure, and more being revealed when I opened myself to what was being funneled through me.

         I think that is the other important thing.  I get bored if I have everything planned out.  The story has no spontaneity... no flow.  Usually when a story refuses to cooperate with me, it has much better plans, and after I let go and let it go it's way, I find it was a better story for it.  Though I still have those, "Are you REALLY sure you want to do this?" moments, but the story is most always right.

        So my words of advice to those who are scared or intimidated by the naysayers, or just the Nano competition itself...even if you don't get a finished first draft, or a malleable story out of the 50k, you have learned that you can make a writing goal, you've gotten over that hurdle.  You've won one of the most fun, infuriating, irritating and wondrous writing contests ever created.  Enjoy your laurels, you've earned them!

Write on NaNo Warriors all!

Friday, August 7, 2015

That Writer Chick featured on "The Writer's Workout!"

It's out :)  

This is the website I was telling you all about.  They are the hosts of the NanoGames, which Team competition <Go WOLVES>  are starting tonight!

I participated in the Individual Games, now it is up to the Teams.   

Can't Wait!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


      Thanks to all my followers first and foremost; because without you all, I would have given up long ago!

        And now to the new announcement.   My Blog "That Writer Chick," has been selected to be featured on a writing website.  I'm beyond thrilled, and deeply honored for this recognition.  I'm humbled as well.  It's something I've been working towards for a long time. 

       I spoke about hurdles a while back.  I still have some to overcome, but this is one less one to jump.  I also recognize that I've been extremely lucky as well.

     I have decided to use "Outwitting Steve," as the post that they will feature.  I've revamped it some, so it's hopefully even better.   That is the blog about overcoming "Writers Block."  Steve was the name of the hedge in "Over the Hedge."   The animals kept trying to think of ways of getting around the hedge, to go get food.   I love that movie a lot, and it also reminds me of why I write.

     Here are the particulars:

The Website:  "The Writers Workout." 

The Facebook Group: 

          This is the group that put on the games that I was part of.  There were 96 participants, and I believe I was in the top 20!  So I was really excited.  
          This is the second year that they've had the games, it was known as the NanoGames it's first year.

         So the date to look for is August 7th.   Yup this Friday!  

And even more exciting is that my cover reveal for STORMRAEVYN is coming out later this month!

So stay tuned for more exciting news!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stormraevyn Character Interview (and Review of Author Review)

I have finally finished with the last bit of the Character Interview that I did for Kelly Blanchard.  My interview and the Rockland Moore interview will be posted in late August of this year.  The Author interview will also be doing double duty as the cover reveal for Stormraevyn.  So stay tuned for that as well!  

This is the my review of my Author Interview (see:

NOTE:  Sorry, the link didn't work.

When I volunteered to do the author interview, I was expecting the usual, “Question and Answer” kind of format.  Getting a list of questions ahead of time, so I could make the answers worthy <smiles>.  But she told us that she was going to do things a bit…differently.
Instead of the above format, we were going to be interviewed live (through FB chat), and that we got to pick one of her settings.  I chose a waterfall, because Pisces!   She told us that we would be doing the dialogue responses as ourselves, but the actions we had to write in 3rd person.  For instance, “She fidgeted by the water until she got comfortable.”
I won’t lie, I was a bit apprehensive at first, not knowing how it would go.  But now I’m a real fan of this style of interview.  Kelly made it really relaxing and non-threatening.  The questions themselves were really thought provoking and beyond the normal interview sphere.  It was a writer and writer interview, so that is to be expected.
I can hardly wait until the Character interview…when Rockland Moore gets to have his say.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Links to Kelly Blanchard Author Character and Author Interviews. UPDATING THEM NOW

     Just wanted to do a quick touch base with all my followers.  I'm part of a 24 person (48 interviews) that my friend and writer Kelly Blanchard ( has organized and held.   They were all done through Facebook Chat, and we each did an Author Interview, and one from the perspective of a character.   For the Author, we selected the background of the interview, and the Character one, we made the setting on our own.  For mine, I selected the Masters Realm (which is dank, and very very unpleasant).
     So below, you will see the schedule of the interview release dates (some have not been released yet, but stay tuned for further posts re: these really good interviews).

June 17 & 19 — Kristen Moger

Author Interview:

June 24 & 26 -- Virginia Carraway Stark

Author Interview:

Character Interview: Sasha:
July 1 & 3 — Matthew Dale

Author Interview:

Character Interview:

Updated Character Interview:
July 8 & 10 — Nan Sampson Bach

Character: Charlie McCallum

July 15 & 17 — Jacob Settlemyre


Character: :Rhea

July 22 & 24— Lia Rees


Character: Myriam

July 29 & 31 — Lynn-Alexandria McKendric



Aug 5 & 7 — Clint Brill


Character: Janus
Aug 12 & 14 — Sharon Lipman


Character: Lena
Aug 19 & 21 — Autumn Seigel


Aug 26 & 28— Lisa Wooley

Author (and Cover Reveal):

Character: Rockland Moore

Sept 2 & 4— Empressa Komlo Sept 9 & 11— Phil Henderson Sept 16 & 18— Amy Preder Sept 23 & 25— AJ Downey Sept 30 & Oct 2— Orlandrea Jamiel Safer Oct 7 & 9 — Cindy Chen Oct 14 & 16— Roybn Ford Oct 21 & 23— James Struck Oct 28 & 30— Ryan Kells Nov 4 & 6 — Rachel Brune Nov 11 & 13— Rebekkah Hibbert Shaw Nov 18 & 20— Sarah Elisabeth

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Marcon 50 Wrap up....and Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

Marcon 50 is over!    

I say that with relief, but with a bit of melancholy.   When you are at a convention, it's easy to forget the outside world.   Though the world of other cons/events goes on around us, we are pretty isolated, hidden from the modern world.

I had a great time, reconnecting with old friends, and meeting new folks.  As I mentioned before; I did a reading, and 3 other panels.   The reading I'll go over first.   The reading room was over in the main hotel on the 5th floor in a suite.  This was away from the main part of the convention, so therefore wasn't very well attended.  For the guy before me, the only reason he had anyone, was because they were his friends.  After they cleared out, I had nobody show.  Now I almost went out and accosted people out in the hall!  But I decided not to.  I did do the reading however.  It was good to get the experience of reading aloud, and no pressure.

My first panel was directly after that, it was good that I got to that panel on time, rather a bit early.   The Care and Feeding of a Writers Group, was the name of that.  I loved meeting the two others on the panel, but we only started with one attendee.  He was awesome though, he asked us questions to get us going.  So thank you for that, 

The next panel I participated in, was the "Making Time to Write," Panel.   It was mostly on topic, but we did diverge from it too.  Still talking writing, but more along the lines of books.  We had one audience member help out. There were like 3 people in the audience.  Sundays was my last one, "All Writers are Sadomasochistic."  This one is the one that I moderated.  I had enough questions, should there have been more people in the audience...we had a grand total of 1.  But it was great meeting the other authors, even scored some books.  

I wish I could have gone to more panels than I did (outside of mine), or to the masquerade.  But my friend who had come in town for Marcon, he wanted to meet up with other folks.  We did really get around the con, and city.

Next year is Marcon 51, The them is "Villains."   

The cover reveal will be in September this year.  And stay tuned for the book release party/blog tour to be coming soon!

Monday, May 4, 2015

MARCON 50!!!! IS COMING. MAY 8-10 2015!

For those of you in the know, I will be doing a reading from my novella "Stormraevyn," Friday night at Marcon 50 in Columbus Ohio.   What is Marcon you ask?   Marcon began in March of 1965, have not been able to get that original first date, but it was a luncheon for Sci Fi Writers.   I wish I could find out, because.... I too was born in March of 1965.  So this year, Marcon and I are the same age!  Well, yes, technically we are ALWAYS the same age, but this year is special, as it's Marcon 50!

So I'm going to also be on 3 other panels during the convention.  Marcon has pretty much everything but the kitchen sink (though I'm sure the con suite has one).  They have movies, mayhem, and murder most foul...ahem..whats' that you say?  No murder at Marcon?  Curses foiled again!  At any rate, I've been to quite a few over the years,  I have even worked multiple years, including the year I helped  out with a promotional video.  Got to interview Harry S. Turtledove that year (he who wrote the WWII series and Guns of the South (all alternate history books), though he has also done Fantasy works as well.  

There is a wonderful Masquerade, lots of tracks of programming (for writers as well).  But they have had media guests in past years, but this year they are back to their roots.  Writers and literature are the spotlight.   Gaming is huge at Marcon, computer/tabletop/LARP'ing.  They even have a real science track, and have had NASA folks.  They pretty much have it all.   Oh, they also have a human size chess match in honor of the memory of a friend and mentor of mine, Nicholas Winks.   For those who knew Nick, he inspired a lot of us.  Wonderful story teller, and one of the most fabulous people you ever want to have met.  I miss him a lot, and Marcon will not be the same for me.

Check out their website (, and here is my schedule:

FRI7:00PM - 8:30PMSuite 501ReadingsReading by L. Anne Wooley
FRI8:30PM - 10:00PMUnion CLiterary WritersCare and Feeding of a Writer`s Group
SAT8:30PM - 10:00PMUnion CLiterary WritersWho has time to write?
SUN1:00PM - 2:30PMFranklin DLiterary WritersAll Authors are Sadomasochists

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Earthquake in Nepal

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take an opportunity to express my deepest condolences to those families whom lost loved ones in today's tragic 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.   The effects were felt as far as India and China as well.   A Google executive passed from injuries sustained in one of the avalanches on Mt. Everest, 9 others lost their lives there as of this blog.

A friend is thankfully, all right.  He's from India, and his area was hit too.  But luckily he survived and only minor damage done.   Lots of landmarks and buildings were destroyed in Nepal.   But the death toll rises.  

Here is the link to the Red Cross donations.   Please share this on your social media accounts.   It would mean so much to those hurting now, whom have lost everything.   Thank you so much.  You are all awesome!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 Photos by L. Anne Wooley


     Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio has been a source of inspiration for me for many years.  I first went as  child, on a school field trip, and it was only a small place then.  Over the years, it's grown and flourished into a massive complex boasting a desert, a water garden, a rain forest, and a Himalayan Mountain; which boasts  model trains with Tibetan style buildings made out of natural materials.

     What I love beyond all the lush greenery, the sights, the scents... are the Butterflies, and the water features.   There are several waterfalls around, as well as a Koi pond.  I'm always inspired around water!  Possibly because I'm a Pisces.  But here at the Conservatory, I get back in touch with why I love writing.   It's one of the places I re-charge my emotional well being as well as the creative wellspring.
     Walking and stopping to write, going at a leisurely pace, and being in the moment.  This is what inspires me to keep writing and rekindles the spark for my love of writing.

E.M. Kaplan:

The self-proclaimed Blog Carnie takes a bath in this introspective musing on her favorite, inspirational spot: the bath tub.

J.C. O'Brien:

J.C. O'Brien finds inspirations in Seattle's dark alleys, local bars and restaurants, but it's her regular visits to an Olmsted park that allow her to express her ideas through stories.

Fred Charles:

Fred Charles takes a few moments from zipping around the galaxy in his starship to explain why he finds so much inspiration in space.

Mandy Ross:

"Look up at the stars not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see' and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious." ~Stephen Hawking 
Wonder what this quote may have to do with my creativity and the places I find it? Be curious! Come find out!

Ellie Mack:

While some are inspired by a specific location, my inspiration is not site dependent, but rather a state of mind in my inner sanctum with my Secret Garden close by while playing the writer's game of 'What if".

Chrys Roberas:

Inspirational places are places where I can take one look and inhale all the beauty.

Monday, March 30, 2015

"The Creative Promoter" Blog Carnival: How to Find (^and keep), the Creative Spark!

Hello everyone,

Today's Blog is a departure for me, but one I hope you will all enjoy.   Whether you are a writer, artist, musician; creativity is the main drive behind any artistic endeavor.   See the other Blog participators here:

      As a writer, I am asked, “Where do you get your creativity from?”  It’s a good question.  Normally the answer comes with the response, “I could never do that!”  I used to be one of these naysayers.  I could never find creativity.  Before, I struggled to write down even the simplest idea.   Then I joined a friend at a Barnes & Noble workshop hosted by Nita Sweeney.  She teaches, and is approved to teach, the methods of Natalie Goldberg.  Natalie wrote “Writing Down the Bones:  Freeing the Writer Within,” and “Wild Mind:  Living the Writer’s Life. “ 
Nita Sweeney websites:

                Natalie’s methods are simple, and distilled town to her “Rules of Writing Practice.   The rules are designed to keep the internal critic/editor at bay, and free the creative aspect of writing.   There is a time and place for the editor, but not in the initial creative process.  The rules are as follows:

  • ·         Keep the hand moving, don’t cross out, worry about spelling or punctuation…just keep writing.   You can use computer, but I find it is better to warm up and use Natalie’s methods using pen and paper.  It unlocks a different part of the mind.
  • ·         Go for the jugular.  Don’t shy away from writing what is coming up in your mind.   You are the only one who will read this, unless you want to share it.   So you can just let loose, and put it down.  This is where the energy is.   The power of your voice comes out in this process.
  • ·         Go with first thoughts; which is hand and hand with the jugular.  First thoughts are where you are your most vulnerable, and before the critic can censor your words. 
  • ·         Be specific.   Not red car, but cherry red Camaro.  Being specific brings life to your writing.
  • ·         Lose Control.  Just let the words flow from your mind and onto the page. 
  • ·         You are free to write the worst crap in the world/universe.   This is the rule I found most freeing to my creativity.  It allows me to write that first crappy/shitty draft.  It is what allowed me to complete a draft, which is called “Rough” for a reason.

Using these rules, freed my mind to be able to create.  No longer was I blocked, I was able to write whatever came to mind.  Once I had a notebook full of writing practices, I would wait about a month or two, and then begin to re-read.  Highlighting what jumped out at me; words, passages, sentences.   These I would add to a database/spreadsheet.  I notated what the highlighted sections where, what the prompt was, and the date (it’s very important to date your practice writing).  

Once finished, the snippets could be used to create more writing prompts (possibly allowing you to delve deeper into them).  You could also use them as story ideas, and also use in stories you are already working on.  Say you find a snippet of dialogue, and you figure out it can be used for a character in a current WIP (Work in Process).    Well, you have something that fits already written!
Other ways to stay creative; Music (soundtracks are better than using ones with lyrics).  Though I’m listening to Florence and the Machine right now.   I love her voice!   Walking in the woods or next to water also helps me to get in tune with the creative side.  I love to sit by a lake, river, or the ocean, and write.   It could be because I’m a water sign, but the writing flows better.
You can use other forms of art to spark other endeavors.    A lot of the creative processes are similar.   I also do photography, music, and beadwork.  Bead jewelry making, is like writing on the page Word after word, like one bead is added then another and another.  With Photography, you can use a photograph to spark setting ideas, story ideas, and poetry.   Music is the same basically, as writing too.  Music lyrics often come from poetry.  Basically doing anything creative is a process, a series of events, that lead to the completed whole.

Whatever form of art you do, inspiration is everywhere.  You just have to leave yourself open for it.   I find inspiration in art, photos, music, and in everyday conversations.  You can get the best ideas from listening into strangers conversations/events, newspapers, and other books.  If you get into a regular routine of writing (or arting of any kind), you will find creativity is all around.  If you follow the rules above, you open yourself to the endless possibilities to create, and your creative well will never run dry               

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Art of Marketing Part 2 The Book Release

Hello again everyone.  I'm finally finished with the move from heck, and raring to get back to work!    Last blog post was the first part of this series, "The Art of Marketing, Part 1 The Blog Tour."

With the advent of social media, holding book releases is much easier to do, and cheaper. You may use this advice in tandem with the first part of this series. The Blog tour can be before the release; using it to drum up interest in the book.  Or it can be done after the book is out.  I've been part of a few book release events on Facebook, and have been to ones before and after release.  I'm not much into Twitter yet, or the other platforms, but they can also be incorporated.  

It takes a lot of planning.  You have to pick a date and time (keeping in mind you may have people from a lot of different time zones participating).  Then you have to set up the Event, which can be done from your main Facebook page under "Events."  You can also do so from groups as well.  You should also post the link to Twitter, and everywhere else you have a presence.  Including your Fan page (next blog topic in this series).

The best social media site for book releases, that I have found so far is Facebook.   The straightforward layout makes it easy to set up and utilize.  The other thing about a book release, you can do it pretty much at any time, though for the aforementioned drumming up of interest, you probably should do so before the actual release date.

The successful event has the following elements:

  • Games, they are fun, and they are easy to set up.  They are also good to get participation staying on the event page.  
  • Interviews with the author.  Participants can post questions on the event page, and then the author can respond to those.    
  • Prizes bring more people to the party.   They can be free copies of the book (ebook mostly); keychains with your book cover, bookmarks, etc.   I even got a bead bracelet from one.
  • PLANNING-this is very crucial to the success (or lack thereof)
When you post a game on the event page, you give the respondents a time limit.    Then you "Close" the post (though folks can still respond, and that is not a bad thing).  You copy the names of the respondents, and add them to a randomizer program to select the winner.  You should only use that persons name once.

There are a few randomizers app online that will randomly select your winner for your games.   Here is one:  

The last thing I wanted to mention, it is somewhat easier if you have volunteers who help you out while you are on a break (be it potty, food, sleep).   They can be other writers as well, who you can also help out by letting them talk about their work as well, short bios are a good idea.    The volunteers can also run a game, or something else about your book.    Think of them as bridesmaids...they are there to enhance, but not overshadow the bride.   

With a bit of work, you can have a successful book release.  One advantage over one held live, you don't have to have food/drink.   But you could do an online one from the actual live one as well.  Live stream.  Whichever way you do a book release event, it is really important to make a good impression.  Thank everyone who came, and thank your host/volunteers.   After all, we writers do not live in a vacuum, and need our fans, and helpers.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Art of Marketing Part 1 Blog Tours.

     I have been in a couple of blog tours before, and have enjoyed helping to promote my fellow writers. There are some do’s and don’ts that you have to remember in order to be successful. A Blog tour is a virtual one, held entirely on the internet.  It also may be called a Blog Hop. What you do is have other bloggers “host” your book/promotion, which in turn helps to advertise others blogs.

     Creating a blog tour requires preparation.  Having other bloggers post things to promote your work, means that you need to gather material for them to post.  This can include anything from Interview questions, story snippets, and character bios.  They should include links to everyone’s blog (those who are hosting), and also include a schedule of who is next up on the blog tour.  The blog tour is for the person who is needing promotion, but can, and should help build followers for the hosts.

     Part of the preparation is getting people to host your book. The next part is to make dates for it.   The third part is to make materials for it. 

     To get your hosts, you can put out a call to any writers group on Facebook (asking the admins first); or even send out a tweet from your twitter. You need to get people on board, because you want to try to get as many people as you can. This would make the tour one blog a day. So you have something every day.  
     You can also put out a questionnaire, of what the host would like to do for you.  This can be any of the aforementioned ideas.  Character Bio, Interviews (even character interviews), etc. You should have a calendar with whom is participating, and what they are doing.  That way you can put it on your blog, website, author page etc. 

     Do be polite, make sure you thank your hosts. I would even post links to their books and promote your hosts back. After all, this is all probably done for free, so it’s really nice to help the hosts out.
Don’t be an asshat!  You really only get a first chance to make a good impression.  Be professional, and polite, you will get much further if you do.

The next part of my blog won’t be out for a bit. My dog is having surgery for a mass on his hind end, my brother had a broken sewing needle in his foot (which caused infection to the bone), and a huge move in the next few weeks…so I have to take a rather large break from the blog.  Stay tuned, and keep checking.   The next Blog is on Book Releases.  You can also follow me on Facebook:

Friday, January 30, 2015

Book Review: The Noru; Blue Rose (The Noru Series, Book 1) by Lola StVil

Tribble Rating:   2 (out of 5)  Tribbles  I used to do book reviews for my Star Trek Fan Clubs Newsletter, this was my rating system; I think it is time to bring it back!

Fellow writer friends of mine told me about this book, and how bad it was.   I was intrigued in seeing why they thought it was so bad.   I thought, “It really can’t be that bad…”    But after reading, I was forced to agree with my fellow writers.    Here are some of the reasons I had to agree with them:

 In the first scene, our main characters Pryor Cains’ parents use their powers to stop all the humans in the area.  They do so without attracting the attention of the demons.  However, later in the novel, we are told that whenever one of them uses their powers, then the demons attack.   The author further tells us there is a potion that renders them invisible to the demons, but the invisibility is broken if they use their powers.  So where was the attack of demons in that first scene?
The other big continuity error was after the blow up of the path that was between the earth and the “Light.” We are told that Pryor’s parents (as well as the others parents), were now cut off from the Earth.  Pryor is on Earth side, her parents were on the “Light” side.  However here was her mother, who could not have known about her youngest child’s death (as he was also on earth); crying, and creating a storm on earth after finding out about his death.      Nowhere does she tell us that the bridge/pathway is repaired or a new one built.

“Data dumping,” or “Info Dumping”
The second problem I found was the constant “Data dumping,” or “Info Dumping,” that the author committed in this novel.    Data really should be revealed in the action/dialogue of the story, not exposition (or used very sparingly).  Especially when there is an action scene, there should be no extra info.  There are numerous times the author does this, but I’ll give you this example:

The scene is set in a warehouse, and the main character Pryor’s best friend is about to fall to his death…

                “Randy, no!” Key and I shout almost at the same time.  
Key gets to him before I do. In his hysteria, he shoves her, hard.  This is definitely not Randy’s day because Key’s boyfriend pops up on a Port just in time to see him shove her. 
                Aw crap, Bex’s gonna kill Randy.
Even if Bex wasn’t a Para and didn’t have massive wings, he would frighten most guys because of his sheer size.  Bex has broad shoulders, ripping muscles, and large hands.  Bex’s power is an all-consuming power that ball of light that drains evil.  In addition to the expert flying skills.
Bex doesn’t need his powers to hurt Randy.  His hands alone are enough.  He wraps them around Randy’s throat.  Randy can’t breathe much less talk.  His feet dangle helplessly in the air.  Key and I race up to them.
                “Bex, put him down,” Key says sternly. 
                “He attacked you,” the Para says, holding Randy’s life in his hands.
Bex pays her no attention.  Instead he tightens his grip on Randy.  Bex has always been protective, even to a fault.  He and Key have been going out ever since I can remember.  Bex isn’t just brawny and hot; he’s down right impossible to resist. 
He’s tall with spiky dark brown hair that somehow always stays in place.  He has these dreamy green eyes that pull you in so deep, you may never find your way back…. 

And while poor Randy is hanging in Bexs grasp, the author goes on to talk about Bexs’ smile, then Bex’s background; what kind of being he is, what his special powers are etc. Which has now interrupted the flow of the story.  It gets the reader out of the action, and that is something that a writer can’t afford to do.  
Also, she had already mentioned about Bexs’ sheer size, she really didn’t need the extra wording about his physical description.  Though it would have been better just to go with those details, showing why he was intimidating…maybe even describing the look that Randy gives Bex. 
The rest of the book has many such “Data Dumps.”    The way it could have been done is through showing.  The important information could have been done through action or dialogue.   She could have also put the info on each of the Angel “Species,” in a glossary.   

The Adult only Chapter

Lastly, about the “Adult Only” chapter.   There is a disclaimer on this chapter.  It says “Mature Content.  Younger readers please skip to chapter 12B.    This should never have been put in a “Young Adult,” novel.    Even with the disclaimer…what kid is not going to WANT to read it?    The disclaimer only makes it more attractive to read.   It really has no place in this novel, period. 


Seriously, I think that everyone should read this as an example of how not to write a novel.  I have no idea if the author had any what we call Beta Readers go over this book.  Or even if it was edited much.   The continuity problems, and data dumps spoiled what was a promising plot.  I enjoyed some of the parts though, not all of it was bad.  But with the above problems, and the fact that there was a disclaimer section; well, let’s just say I was happy I got the book free.