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Monday, January 9, 2012

Crystal Visions

Hello again.  Working on my next Bony Fingered Limbs challenge :)  I've done the first draft by hand, now typing it in to Open Office.  Yes, I have a fancier writing program, but I figure I will save the fancier ones for novels.  So this one is the picture of a woman looking into a crystal ball.  I'm naming mine, "Crystal Visions."  And it has been fun to write. :)  Getting back into the short story mindset has been really a good idea for me.  A break from the longer novels that I've been working on.  And this gets me into practice for the 24 hour short story contest Writers Weekly is putting on.  They have one every quarter (season).  I have not won for the story's I have written, but I have one numerous 'door prizes'. 

Anyhow, back to the typing.  Then onto revision.  I so love revisions....not!  But I also don't want the first draft to be the ones that folks see.  Have a good night....hailing frequencies closed.  (I got that from when I was writing my Star Trek fan clubs newsletter "Communications Log."  :)  You should have seen my book reviewing system....a Tribble Rating! 

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