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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Wolf and the Crow Flash Fiction for Bony Fingered Limbs Contest

The Wolf and the Crow By, L. Anne Wooley

     Kai sat, legs crossed as he breathed in the peyote smoke. He ignored all the voices that had taunted him. The voices that said he would fail again, even his best friend. He centered himself, using his Grandfathers voice, instructing him in the vision quest. He felt the earth below his body, and the sky above him, as if they were physical beings. The fire in front of him flickered and sizzled. He watched the flames, first they slowed, and then then they stopped. His heart beat slowly, like the drums, and then the dark moved in to surround him. He heard a noise behind him, and turned quickly. He saw ...glowing eyes.
     He leaned slowly to his right, feeling for his knife. He touched the metal comfortingly in his hand. He picked up the hilt and curled his hand around it. He held it slightly in front of him.
The great beast moved into the light of the fire. Its coat was silver, and touched with frosty white edges. Kai looked into it's eyes, knowing breaking contact might mean his death. The two solemnly regarded each other. The wolf blinked but otherwise never broke eye contact.
Kai poised, ready for defense. He felt fear course through his veins, but tried not to let it show. Somehow, he knew the wolf knew.
       The wolf sat, and regarded Kai solemnly. "Well boy, are you going to kill me?"
       Kai jumped about a foot up in the air, he shook his head as if he was hallucinating.                                                                                                                      
       Then another voice broke in, "Yes, are you going to kill the wolf? Because, I would really like some wolf meat. Mighty tasty....mighty tasty." Kai glanced quickly to where the voice was coming from, and he didn't see anything but two glinting eyes. They were closer to the ground.
        "You be silent crow," the snap came so quickly the crow almost did not see it. It jumped back quickly.
       "Oh my, I'm so scared."
      "You're Father Crow." Kai stated.
      "Well spotted boy."
       The wolf sighed. "Human, this is your vision. What do you gain from it?"
       Kai was surprised. He thought he understood that the vision was supposed to tell him, not the other way around.
      "It does not work that way human. This is your vision."
      Kai looked surprised...”You can read my mind?”
      “Of course we can...that's part of the deal,” the crow sounded smug.
      "So I can control it?"
      "To an extent," the wolf responded.
      “So what am I supposed to learn? Why have you never come to me before?” Kai looked puzzled.
      "Human you have much to learn about patience. If you are to lead your tribe, you need patience, wisdom, and courage."
      "And cunning...don't forget the cunning," the crow butted.
      "Cunning has it's uses, but one should never rely on it solely in all situations."
      Kai nodded. "So you are not real, and I don't need to worry about you eating me?"
      "Didn't say that human."
      "What. that you aren't real, or that you won't eat me?"
      "Stupid human. I would have to be real to eat you, now wouldn't I?" the wolf growled and the crow cawed its laughter.
      "Of course not. Sorry," Kai felt very disconnected.
      "You are real if I make you real. My mind controls the vision."
      "You're getting it human," the crow sounded surprised.
      "Now I get it. You are guides, my spirit guides."
      "The boy has some redeeming qualities after all," the wolf admitted reluctantly.
      "You are teaching me a lesson," Kai stated.
      "What lesson are we teaching?" the crow asked.
      "Well wolves are pack animals, much like a tribe," Kai began to work it out in his mind. "There is an alpha wolf that is like a chief. The older wolves train the younger ones, so they are like the shaman."
      "Good human," the wolf nodded, its whiskers rippled in the wind.
       "And what am I then boy?" the crow impatiently broke in.
      "You are the trickster, the cunning one. You wait for the prey to come to you. Or rather their leftovers from the ones who killed them."
      "So far so good."
      "Father Crow, you are the wisest of the guides. What would you have me do?”
      “Only you can find your path, Spirit Walker.”
      “I'm to be a Shaman?” Kai whispered in awe.
      “Yes, Spirit Walker.”
      The crow squawked in response, “You will be the greatest of your tribe.”
      Kai woke to the sunlight on his sign of the wolf or crow.

      He walked into his village, and up to the teepee of his Grandfather. His grandfather waited, “I left my village as Kai, and return to you as Spirit Walker.”  


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