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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


      Thanks to all my followers first and foremost; because without you all, I would have given up long ago!

        And now to the new announcement.   My Blog "That Writer Chick," has been selected to be featured on a writing website.  I'm beyond thrilled, and deeply honored for this recognition.  I'm humbled as well.  It's something I've been working towards for a long time. 

       I spoke about hurdles a while back.  I still have some to overcome, but this is one less one to jump.  I also recognize that I've been extremely lucky as well.

     I have decided to use "Outwitting Steve," as the post that they will feature.  I've revamped it some, so it's hopefully even better.   That is the blog about overcoming "Writers Block."  Steve was the name of the hedge in "Over the Hedge."   The animals kept trying to think of ways of getting around the hedge, to go get food.   I love that movie a lot, and it also reminds me of why I write.

     Here are the particulars:

The Website:  "The Writers Workout." 

The Facebook Group: 

          This is the group that put on the games that I was part of.  There were 96 participants, and I believe I was in the top 20!  So I was really excited.  
          This is the second year that they've had the games, it was known as the NanoGames it's first year.

         So the date to look for is August 7th.   Yup this Friday!  

And even more exciting is that my cover reveal for STORMRAEVYN is coming out later this month!

So stay tuned for more exciting news!

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