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Monday, March 21, 2016


I'm really dangerous when I'm thinking of stuff.  I get into more trouble that way, and also I really need to quit, and focus on what I need to be focusing on.  That is finishing Stormraevyn for publication.

But, I was talking to a friend from a huge writers group that we are both part of (and it was the first time we'd met in person), that what we really need, is a way to find freelance work, and publishing opportunities all in one place.  She agreed that the idea was pretty good.  It's almost ready to start, I'm just getting all the I's crossed, and T's dotted.  I also have a couple of vict er volunteer helpers to run this idea.

What it entails is creating a facebook group (at least at first), and the name has been selected.  "Seek, Write, Earn."  And would help writers find freelance work, and also publishing opportunities.  There would be "How to," style articles on how to look for these opportunities, the best websites, newsletters, etc.  There are other ones on FB, but the ones I've seen, are mostly self promotion, and that is something I do not want.

So with that in mind, stay tuned to this blog for more exciting news!

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