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Friday, March 9, 2018

Random Story Antics

One of the amazing things about being a writer...when you get a random line that pops up out of the blue. And you just keep writing without a destination in mind. Like someone is dictating the story to you. It's one of the most curiously fun things ever.  Today I started a new story, and this line just popped up and so I had to write it down.

"I always knew he loved me."   And then the next line came to mind.

"It was in his every look, every touch, every smile. He just couldn't put his feelings into words." 

This is the joy of being a writer.  I have no destination in mind for this story, it's just like I said it's being dictated to me.  I have no idea who the characters James and Pockets are (though in full disclosure, was watching an episode of Hunter <and hush, yes, I'm that old>) and one of the characters was called "Pockets."  But then the name Sadie came to me.  My friend Tina had a horse named Sadie, she was a bitch on four hooves, but that's another story!

I have 3 pages so far, and it really hasn't revealed where it's going.  But I'm getting an inkling that this may not be a happily ever after story.  Life isn't always happily ever after.  I think fiction should reflect some inherent truths about life.  Though nothing pisses me off more than a pointless unhappy ending!  "City of Angels," I'm looking at you!   

I'll possibly post the rest of this story when it's finished here.  So stay tuned.  But then again, it might not.  Depends if it is good enough.  This is still in first draft blush. 

#amwriting, #firstdraftwoes, #fixitlater.   

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