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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guest Post

As promised, my friend Heidi Nicole Bird has published her first novel, "Through the Paper Wall."  It was released on Valentines Day.  I've had a chance to read the first couple of chapters, and really thoroughly enjoyed the story.  And now, a Character sketch from her book:

Jesse (main character)
Jesse was born in San Diego and grew up as an only child. From the very first time he stepped onto a beach he knew it was where he belonged. When he started Kindergarten he attended a class that met just off the beach, which enhanced his love for the sand and ocean waves even more. In Kindergarten he met Spencer, who became his best friend, and soon the two of them were inseparable.
Jesse grew up with a very comfortable life, going to school with his best friends, taking surfing lessons, and taking advantage of everything San Diego has to offer. His father had a steady job, but it was really his mother’s well-known prowess as a chef that helped the family live so comfortably. Growing up in a large and spacious house and having the beach only seconds away, Jesse came to believe that his world was perfect and that he couldn’t be happier.
Things changed right before Jesse’s twelfth birthday though, when his mother passed away quickly due to illness. Jesse’s world was turned upside down, but with his friends by his side he was able to go on living, even though Dad was much more distant. On the eve of Jesse’s thirteenth birthday, his Dad announced that they were moving to Oklahoma because they needed change. Eventually Jesse’s theory was proved right – they moved so Dad could date Jessica, a girl he had dated in high school.
Newly thirteen years old, Jesse finds himself in a new place he never could have imagined. No beach, no sand, not even a lake – Just miles and miles of sage brush and dirt. Forced to leave behind everything he had ever known, including his friends, Jesse grudgingly accepts his new home in Oklahoma, but only after he makes a new friend and they make a discovery that changes both of their lives forever. 

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