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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Before I get to my blog, I wanted to make an announcement.  I have my first Guest on February 20th.  More details to follow...

Procrastination is the act of avoiding an unpleasant task.  At least that is my definition of the word.  I've created an art form out of it!  I guess I was just born with a genetic predisposition for this.
When you procrastinate, you pretend anything and everything is more important than the task which must be done!  The usual culprits of procrastination:  Gaming, Television, housework (Yes, I've done that to avoid something more unpleasant).  Another way of procrastinating, is to go off on tangents.  There have been many times when I have been researching for something, and something catches my eye, and I am looking at  that new stuff.  You use the following rationale for keeping after the new piece of information, saying, "I can use this later on."  But, of course, you don't.
So ways of getting around this "Affliction."   I make a schedule, or a "To do" list.  I just got this long horizontal tablet with each day of the week written on it, with a box under each day.  At the top right it says, "Things to avoid," which is really cute.
But what I did was to make a to do list and then divvie it up during the week, so that it is more manageable for me.  I use games to reward myself (though they also fall under procrastination warnings category as well).
Though when you boil it all down, you still have to make yourself avoid the pitfalls.  Deadlines do help as well.  That way you have more push to finish what you need to.

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