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Saturday, January 11, 2014


      It began life as a innocent story of a girl and a boy in a coffee shop.  The were discussing what the girl was doing (writing a novel in a month); when he exclaimed "'re!"  Thus "Random Guy at Starbucks." Otherwise known as Random Starbucks Guy (RSG) was born.
     The post became a place where us crazy writers could get together and joke, laugh, cry, and just relax and have an awesome time.  A year went by, and the numbers climbed. we celebrated reaching 10k, 20k, and 30k...a baby was born, novels written and published, all the while in the background RSG was there, a testament to our accomplishments.  

We thought we'd reach 50k...Then shortly after we went over 36 thousand, it was gone.  Just like that!  No warning by its creator that she was leaving, or that she was taking it down.  No deletions by any of us Admins.  The original poster was also gone!  36k plus comments lost!

  So I mourn the passing of a legend, the special thread, and the impact it had on all of our lives.  She will be gravely missed.

                                             RIP  RSG!

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