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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Writing Practice Part Deux

In the first part, I discussed the rules of writing practice, and how I was inspired by Natalie Goldbergs "Writing Down the Bones."

In this segment, I'll show you what  writing prompt is, or rather does.  One of the ones that Natalie Goldberg put in "Writing Down the Bones," is one she calls "I remember..."  This is one of the easiest ones to do.  For example.

   I remember the day my father died.  The night before had been the last he spoke, and I laid                          out in the backseat of the car.  I missed being able to say good bye to him, a fact I have                                regretted ever since."

At this point, I would continue going on with it, but for this article, I won't finish that.

Writing prompts inspire stories...or snippets that can be made into stories.  Even though the above "I remember..." is based on my experience with my father, I would probably use it for a character in a story at a later date.

Another sort of prompt is pictures.  In my writers group in FB, one of the ladies, posts incredible photos that are really surreal.

Any picture can be used.  For the above example I would probably write something like...

        Fourth of July was the day my mother gained her Independence from her health, and the                                declining of such.  She had lived a good long life of 87 years, and that was mostly healthy.

Yes, another true story.  My mother did pass away on July 4, 2012.  So something like this, would bring up that memory for a writing prompt.

Music is also good for inspiration on writing prompts  Writing prompts are good for not only practice writing, but can also be good for story ideas.  

There are many sites on the net that are geared to help writers with prompts.  Writers Digest Magazine is one of the best.  Here are a few to get you started:



                                 (this one is EXCELLENT)

So when I was in the group, I would fill a notebook....what did I do with this notebook?  Stay tuned to my next blog for the answer to that, and many other burning questions :)


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