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Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Only another writer can...."

This was a prompt from my writers group on facebook.  Here is my response...(Edited of course)

             Today I was at the “Sherlock Holmes,” travelling exhibit at Columbus Ohio’s “Centers of Science and Industry,” (COSI).  As I started through the doors to the exhibit;  I never thought I would have a profoundly touching SQUEE moment.
          The opening had a video where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's great nephew (or a couple of greats?) read off a greeting.  There were walls with;  newspaper articles,  memorabilia, excerpts from serials of his short stories. copies (thinking they were first editions) of his books... Then came the Squee moment.  I walked over to one of the display cases that was on top of a table.  They had pieces of paper, dark around the edges, but remarkably well preserved. I read the description, because I didn't  know for sure what it was... 

        It was actual manuscript pages for stories and books; in Doyle's own handwriting.   I was fan-girling over this revelation.  In a way, he came alive to me, like never before.  I looked how much nicer his handwriting was than mine.  It’s amazing that handwriting would be such a powerful force, that it would be so profound.  

        The fact that nobody else was having that reaction was amazing and disappointing.  I had never connected with him before;  he was a writer, I am a writer… That he went through the same struggles that we as writers face every day, made the connection even stronger.  He was a trendsetter of his day.  The scientific methods in his Sherlock Holmes books, though crude, began a new look into how to figure out the truth of the  "Whodunnit."  

        If you have a chance to see this exhibit, it is good for young and old alike; here is the link to the Exhibit site.  It is a travelling exhibit, and it is International so check in your area to see if they are coming to a venue near you..


  1. My my. You actually made me wish I lived in Ohio! Lol.

    1. Check the link for the Holmes exhibit, it may come close to you :)